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Welcome to College & Academic Advising

At Saint Dominic Academy, we believe that finding the right college requires thoughtful self-analysis, careful research, and continued support from the college advisor, teachers, and parents.  Our student-centered advising program begins in the ninth grade and covers:
  • academic advising
  • extracurricular advising
  • athletic and artistic recruitment
  • test preparation and planning
  • essay writing
  • interview skills
  • scholarship/financial aid information


Student Services:

  • Freshman year 4-year plan
  • Free online test prep
  • SAT Test Site
  • Mock interviews with college reps
  • Individual and class meetings
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Annual college rep visits
  • Free Diagnostic Standardized Testing (TBD)


Parent Services:

  • Parent workshops and information sessions
  • Naviance Software (info on all colleges)
  • Regular e-mail communication
  • Individual counseling

College Advising Team:

Mr. Jeff McAdam
Director of College &
Academic Advising
Mrs. Trish Suckow
Office Administrator



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