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The academic programs for grades PreK to 5 focus on preparing each student for the junior high and high school years at Saint Dominic Academy.  St. Dom's is a college preparatory school, all subjects are planned and delivered to ensure success at the high school level and ultimately for college. By the time a student graduates at the end of twelfth grade, they will have received a rigorous academic program that will have prepared them for the post-secondary school of their choosing. Elementary subjects are specifically designed to integrate with courses offered at the junior high level with advanced offerings in critical areas such as math. This accelerated curriculum opens up many more options at the upper-grade levels, enabling our students to take more specialized courses in high school.

Core courses include Math, Science, Reading, Religion, Literature & Social Studies.

Students at St. Dom's also benefit from a number of course offerings designed to enhance the many God-given talents we each possess, enriching the whole person. The following classes are an integral part of each elementary student's weekly schedule:

Art, Computers, French, Music and Physical Education. 

Participation in athletics is an important aspect of a child’s development.  St. Dom's currently offers fifth and sixth-grade opportunities to participate in the following sports with junior high students or in the local recreation program: Cross Country, Soccer, Field Hockey, Golf, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Softball and Track.