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Open for In-School Learning August 2020


Learning is not an optional activity for children, but a treasured opportunity and necessity. 

In the immediate wake of the Covid-19 stay-at-home order this spring, we were up and running with online education within days of our campuses being forced to close.  Our experience taught us that while many students can excel in a remote learning environment, online learning cannot possibly replace the benefits of in-school instruction.  We are dedicated to ensuring that families receive the educational support that their children need, even in difficult circumstances.

Classes 5 Days a Week at Both Campuses


Because we believe strongly that in-class instruction is best for students, Saint Dominic Academy is open with in-school classes 5 days a week at both campuses.  The health and safety of all is a critical priority for us.  But it doesn't have to be either/or.  We believe that, with a thoughtful and flexible approach, Saint Dominic Academy can keep our students safe while still providing them with the advantages of in-person academics.  

Working with Families


The future impacts of the pandemic are impossible to predict and each family weighs the risks differently.  We are committed to working with all families in the days and weeks ahead, considering and adjusting our approach as needed.  We are putting in place procedures that will allow us to keep our doors open in a variety of circumstances, yet are also prepared to transition seamlessly to online learning if it becomes absolutely necessary due to worsening circumstances beyond our control.

Our staff would be happy to discuss your questions, thoughts and concerns as we navigate this new educational reality.  We cannot foresee every possible scenario, but are convinced that with hard work and good will, we will be able to ensure that Saint Dominic Academy students receive a robust and fruitful school experience this year.

St. Dom's is a faith-based learning community.  Your challenges, big or small, move us to pray for you.  Send us your prayers and we will offer them up.  Prayer Request

Saint Dominic, Pray for us!