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Computer Science

  •  152 CAD 110 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER-AIDED DRAFTING - HONORS (.5 credit) Lab fee $50.00 (3 credits from Central Maine Community College)
This is an introductory CAD-based drafting and design course utilizing the latest CAD/BIM software.  In conjunction with learning CAD, students will be introduced to the process of design, the related components, and materials, research, drawing and presentation of construction-related documents, from conceptual hand sketches, CAD sketches, to CAD drawings and related spreadsheets, materials, and construction techniques.  The focus of the course is divided into three main segments.  The first segment is to introduce CAD.  The second is to introduce factors in pre-design for the building and site as it relates to programming, codes, ADA and space planning.  The third is to integrate the pre-design factors into industry standard construction/design drawings created with CAD.  
  • 150 CAD 296 INTRODUCTION TO 3D STUDIO MAX - HONORS (.5 credit) Lab fee $50.0 (3 credits from Central Maine Community College)
Students are introduced to the field of 3D modeling, animation, mediums of delivery, and trends in the industry.  Basic covered include; storyboard and animation applications and techniques, basic 3D modeling, creating and applying; framing, textures, lighting and camera principles, and techniques.
PREREQUISITE:  CAD 110 - BASIC 2D CAD (Course 876)
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