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A St. Dom's education provides an important foundation to Pre-K to 12th-grade students, preparing them for college and for life. Students learn to value academic success along with spiritual and social growth. This is accomplished through a comprehensive program under the guidance of faculty who set clear goals for achievement at all grade levels towards college preparation. Emphasis is placed on understanding basic concepts and developing good study habits, community outreach and participating in organized athletic and social events.

The St. Dom's academic program helps students develop self-discipline, responsibility and study skills. Students engage with classmates in a curriculum that includes courses in English, mathematics, social studies, modern language, science, fine arts, computer, health, physical education, and Virtual High School.  At the high school level, courses are offered at college prep, honors and advanced placement levels. All students engage in religious studies. Structured classes facilitate instruction while permitting the experienced faculty to assess and respond to individual needs and concerns.