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“You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working, and just so, you learn to love by loving.” -Saint Francis de Sales

Prioritizing The Love of God and Neighbor

Saint Dominic Academy gives young people the opportunity go to school in an atmosphere that prioritizes the love of God and neighbor, as Jesus Christ taught us.  Love cannot be forced, and so our school community never imposes Catholic faith upon students.  Instead, with the guidance of our school chaplain, staff and teachers provide opportunities for students to explore the spiritual life in an atmosphere that encourages authenticity and respect.

Theology Class

All students are required to take a theology class each year, where they are exposed to the scriptures, history, tradition, and teachings of the Catholic faith.  In these classes, the beliefs and values of non-Catholic students are respected, and all students are encouraged to contribute to class discussions as they are comfortable. 

Assistant Chaplains

Assistant Chaplains — student ministers from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes — lead the school in prayer each morning, assist in scheduling students and training ministries for the weekly liturgies, organize the annual Catholic School's Week celebration, and present annual retreats for each class.  In their ministry, they encourage all students to be authentic and straightforward about their beliefs, engaging in the spiritual practices of the school as they are comfortable. 

Catholic families are encouraged to know that their children will be able to find support and nourishment in living out the sacramental life at Saint Dominic Academy.  Through weekly Mass, opportunities to go to confession, and access to the priest-chaplain of the school on a regular basis in theology classes and office hours, many of our students deepen their commitment to the Catholic faith during their high school years.

Annual Retreats and Pilgrimages

Annual retreats and pilgrimages are led by the chaplain and teachers and provide students with an opportunity to strengthen friendships with one another, reflect and pray, and to explore their abilities and strengths together.  Students look forward to the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior retreats, which are off campus overnight retreats.

All students of Saint Dominic Academy are expected to embrace the example of Christ, who “came not to be served, but to serve.”  For this reason, each student is required to volunteer a minimum number of documented service hours each year, and our senior class dedicates an extended time of service to the community during their final semester.  The Office of Campus Ministry and other student clubs and organizations provide a variety of opportunities for students to gain experience in serving the needs of others in the community, partnering with various local charitable organizations.  These organizations include St. Mary's Nutrition Center, Trinity Jubilee Center, St. Martin de Porres Shelter, D'Youville Pavillion, and others.


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