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  Name Title Group Contact
Kellie DeMers DeMers, Kellie Advancement Director Administration
Jeffrey McAdam McAdam, Jeffrey Director of College and Academic Advising Administration 207-782- 6911
Marianne Pelletier Pelletier, Marianne Superintendent Administration 207-773-6471
Brandon Rogers Rogers, Brandon Dean of Students & Athletic Director Administration
Alanna Stevenson Stevenson, Alanna Principal Administration 207-782-6911
Dawn Theriault Theriault, Dawn Director of Enrollment Management Administration 207-782-6911
John Yorkey Yorkey, John Principal Lewiston Campus Administration 207-783-9323


  Name Title Group Contact
Kelly Angell Angell, Kelly HS Social Science Faculty 207-782-6911
Donna Bates Bates, Donna 5th Grade Faculty 207-783-9323
Adam Corriveau Corriveau, Adam MS & HS Fine Arts Faculty 207-782-6911
Jacinta Coscia Coscia, Jacinta 6th Grade Teacher Faculty 207-782-6911
Laurie Cullen Cullen, Laurie HS Life Science Faculty 207-782-6911
Molly Davidson Davidson, Molly 2nd Grade Teacher Faculty 207-783-9323
Theresa Dufour Dufour, Theresa 5th Grade Teacher Faculty 207-783-9323
Elizabeth Dunn Dunn, Elizabeth 4th Grade Faculty 207-783-9323
Brett Fecteau Fecteau, Brett 1st Grade Faculty 207-783-9323
Lisa Ferron Ferron, Lisa Kindergarten Faculty 207-783-9323
Garrett Forss Forss, Garrett Middle School Theology Faculty 207-782-6911
Kristine Fox Fox, Kristine Pre-K Teacher Faculty 207-783-9323
Michael Ernie Gagne Gagne, Michael Ernie Middle School Math Faculty 207-782-6911
Michelle Giard Giard, Michelle Art Teacher Faculty 207-783-9323
Andrew Girouard Girouard, Andrew HS Mathematics Faculty 207-782-6911
Patricia Hamilton Hamilton, Patricia Middle School Science Faculty 207-782-6911
Christianna Hamman Hamman, Christianna HS & MS Spanish Faculty 207-782-6911
Lance Harvell Harvell, Lance High School Social Studies Faculty 207-782-6911
Kathy Jalbert Jalbert, Kathy 1st Grade Faculty 207-783-9323
Pamela Kay Kay, Pamela Personal Wellness & School Nurse Faculty 207-782-6911
Camden Martin Martin, Camden HS & MS French Faculty 207-782-6911
Timothy McGarvey McGarvey, Timothy Middle School Social Studies Faculty 207-782-6911
Susan Melcher Melcher, Susan HS English Faculty 207-782-6911
Melissa Moreau Moreau, Melissa Director of Technology Faculty 207-783-9323
Sophie Ouellette Ouellette, Sophie HS Earth Sciences Faculty 207-782-6911
Jennifer Poliquin Poliquin, Jennifer 3rd Grade Teacher Faculty 207-783-9323
Anne Pontbriand Pontbriand, Anne HS English & Theology Faculty 207-782-6911
Annalyse Sarvinas Sarvinas, Annalyse Middle School English Faculty 207-782-6911
Meredith Shore Shore, Meredith Faculty Faculty 207-782-6911
Francesca Silver Silver, Francesca School Ministry Faculty 207-783-9323
Ann Slonina Slonina, Ann Kindergarten Faculty 207-783-9323
Mark Smith Smith, Mark Physical Education Faculty
Elaine Trytek Trytek, Elaine 4th Grade Faculty 207-783-9323
Katherine Walls Walls, Katherine HS English Faculty 207-782-6911
Lisa Williams Williams, Lisa 2nd Grade Teacher Faculty 207-783-9323
Norma Williams Williams, Norma 3rd Grade Teacher Faculty 207-783-9323


  Name Title Group Contact
Nicole Adams Adams, Nicole Advancement Department Staff 207-782-6911
Theresa Arsenault Arsenault, Theresa Food Service Director Staff 207-783-9323
Heather Burgess Burgess, Heather Pre-K Ed Tech and Before School Care Staff 207-783-9323
Tami Burhoe-Brann Burhoe-Brann, Tami Business Manager Staff
Jennifer Cyr Cyr, Jennifer Student Services Admin Staff 207-782-6911
Michele D'Auteuil D'Auteuil, Michele Receptionist Staff 207-782-6911
Katherine Fournier Fournier, Katherine Administrative Assistant Staff 207-783-9323
Brian Kay Kay, Brian Custodian & Groundskeeper Staff 207-782-6911
Melissa Moreau Moreau, Melissa Director of Technology Staff 207-783-9323
Dolan Shane Shane, Dolan Custodian Staff 207-783-9323
Mathew Shannon Shannon, Mathew Staff 207-240-3780