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  Name Title Group Contact
Nicole Adams Adams, Nicole Advancement & Alumni Associate 207-782-6911
Kelly Angell Angell, Kelly Faculty 207-782-6911
Debra Anthoine Anthoine, Debra Director of Advancement 207-782-6911
Theresa Arsenault Arsenault, Theresa Food Service Manager
Marilyn Beauparlant Beauparlant, Marilyn Director of Enrollment 207-782-6911
James Boulet Boulet, James Assistant Principal 207-782-6911
Kevin Clark Clark, Kevin Faculty
Kris Cray Cray, Kris Information Systems Te 207-782-6911
Laurie Cullen Cullen, Laurie Faculty
Jennifer Cyr Cyr, Jennifer 207-782-6911
Theresa Dufour Dufour, Theresa Faculty
Elizabeth Dunn Dunn, Elizabeth Faculty
Heather Emery Emery, Heather Business Office Assoc
Lisa Ferron Ferron, Lisa Faculty
Garrett Forss Forss, Garrett Teacher Middle School
Donald Fournier Fournier, Donald President
Bethany Fox Fox, Bethany teacher
Kristine Fox Fox, Kristine Faculty
Michael Ernie Gagne Gagne, Michael Ernie Faculty
Claire Gagnon Gagnon, Claire Administrative Assistant 207-782-6911
Andrew Girouard Girouard, Andrew Faculty
Joline Girouard Girouard, Joline Director of Curriculium 207-783-9323
Marselina Greenlaw Greenlaw, Marselina
Seamus Griesbach Griesbach, Seamus Chaplin
Patricia Hamilton Hamilton, Patricia Faculty
Kari-Ann Hannigan Hannigan, Kari-Ann
Rachel Hatch Hatch, Rachel teacher
Ellen Hodgkin Hodgkin, Ellen Faculty
Noelle Hotham Hotham, Noelle Director of Brand & Events 207-782-6911
Kathy Jalbert Jalbert, Kathy Faculty
Brian Kay Kay, Brian Janitor
Pamela Kay Kay, Pamela Faculty
Jim King King, Jim Superintendent
Cecile Langlois Langlois, Cecile Administrative Assistant
Jerryanne LaPerriere LaPerriere, Jerryanne Faculty
Doris Little Little, Doris Busines Analyis
Melissa Moreau Moreau, Melissa Faculty
Daniel Moreno Moreno, Daniel Faculty 207-576-4195
Jamie Ouellette Ouellette, Jamie Faculty
Marianne Pelletier Pelletier, Marianne Principal 207-783-9323
Jennifer Poliquin Poliquin, Jennifer Faculty 207-782-6911
Anne Pontbriand Pontbriand, Anne Faculty
Judy Rizk Rizk, Judy Faculty
Katherine Sherman Sherman, Katherine Ed Tech 207-783-9323
Ann Slonina Slonina, Ann Faculty 2077138496
Alanna Stevenson Stevenson, Alanna Faculty
Patricia Suckow Suckow, Patricia Ed Tech 207-576-3027
Lucy Tallman Tallman, Lucy Faculty
Dawn Theriault Theriault, Dawn Faculty 207-782-6911
Kevin Thomas Thomas, Kevin Faculty
Joseph Thornton Thornton, Joseph chef
Elaine Trytek Trytek, Elaine Faculty 207-783-9323
Emily Vincent Vincent, Emily Ed Tech 207-576-0784
Jason Ward Ward, Jason Faculty
Keith Weatherbie Weatherbie, Keith Substitute
Lisa Williams Williams, Lisa Faculty
Susan Wong Wong, Susan Faculty 207-782-6911
John Yorkey Yorkey, John Athletic/Assistant Princi