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  Name Title Group Contact
Nicole Adams Adams, Nicole Advancement Department 207-782-6911
Kelly Angell Angell, Kelly Faculty 207-782-6911
Debra Anthoine Anthoine, Debra Director of Advancement 207-782-6911
Theresa Arsenault Arsenault, Theresa Food Service Manager 207-783-9323
Donna Bates Bates, Donna Faculty 207-783-9323
Marilyn Beauparlant Beauparlant, Marilyn Director of Enrollment 207-782-6911
Abigail Bowie Bowie, Abigail Faculty 207-782-6911
Heather Burgess Burgess, Heather After Care Assistant 000-000-0000
Adam Corriveau Corriveau, Adam Faculty
Kris Cray Cray, Kris Information Systems Technician 207-782-6911
Laurie Cullen Cullen, Laurie Faculty 207-782-6911
Jennifer Cyr Cyr, Jennifer Administrative Assistant 207-782-6911
Theresa Dufour Dufour, Theresa Faculty 207-783-9323
Elizabeth Dunn Dunn, Elizabeth Faculty 207-783-9323
Heather Emery Emery, Heather Business Office Assoc 207-773-6471
Lisa Ferron Ferron, Lisa Faculty 207-783-9323
Garrett Forss Forss, Garrett Faculty 207-782-6911
Bethany Fox Fox, Bethany Faculty 207-783-9323
Kristine Fox Fox, Kristine Faculty 207-783-9323
Michael Ernie Gagne Gagne, Michael Ernie Faculty 207-782-6911
Claire Gagnon Gagnon, Claire Administrative Assistant 207-782-6911
Timothy Gallic Gallic, Timothy President 207 782-6911
Andrew Girouard Girouard, Andrew Faculty 207-782-6911
Joline Girouard Girouard, Joline Curriculium Advisor 207-782-6911
Marselina Greenlaw Greenlaw, Marselina Faculty 207-782-6911
Seamus Griesbach Griesbach, Seamus Chaplain 207-782-6911
Patricia Hamilton Hamilton, Patricia Faculty 207-782-6911
Kari-Ann Hannigan Hannigan, Kari-Ann After Care 207-783-9323
Rachel Hatch Hatch, Rachel Faculty 207-783-9323
Kathy Jalbert Jalbert, Kathy Faculty 207-783-9323
Kelly Johnson Johnson, Kelly Faculty 207-783-9323
Brian Kay Kay, Brian Janitor 207-782-6911
Pamela Kay Kay, Pamela Faculty 207-782-6911
Matthew Konrad Konrad, Matthew Faculty 207-786-6911
Cecile Langlois Langlois, Cecile Administrative Assistant 207-783-9323
Doris Little Little, Doris Business Associate 207-782-6911
Sandra Mellette Mellette, Sandra Substitute 207-783-9323
Cecile Mondor Mondor, Cecile Substitute 207-783-9323
Melissa Moreau Moreau, Melissa Information Technology 207-783-9323
Daniel Moreno Moreno, Daniel Faculty 207-782-6911
Amy Osborne Osborne, Amy Support Staff
Jamie Ouellette Ouellette, Jamie Faculty 207-782-6911
Randy Parenteau Parenteau, Randy Facilities Manager 207-212-2959
Marianne Pelletier Pelletier, Marianne Superintendent 207-783-9323
Jennifer Poliquin Poliquin, Jennifer Faculty 207-783-9323
Anne Pontbriand Pontbriand, Anne Faculty 207-782-6911
Judy Rizk Rizk, Judy Faculty 207-782-6911
Tyler Shennett Shennett, Tyler Faculty
Katherine Sherman Sherman, Katherine Faculty 207-783-9323
Meredith Shore Shore, Meredith Faculty
Ann Slonina Slonina, Ann Faculty 207-783-9323
Alanna Stevenson Stevenson, Alanna Principal 207-783-9323
Patricia Suckow Suckow, Patricia Faculty 207-782-6911
Nancy Swinton Swinton, Nancy Faculty
Lucy Tallman Tallman, Lucy Faculty 207-782-6911
Dawn Theriault Theriault, Dawn Faculty 207-782-6911
Kevin Thomas Thomas, Kevin Faculty 207-782-6911
Joseph Thornton Thornton, Joseph Chef 207-782-6911
Elaine Trytek Trytek, Elaine Faculty 207-783-9323
Emily Vincent Vincent, Emily Ed Tech 207-783-9323
Keith Weatherbie Weatherbie, Keith Faculty 207-782-6911
Walesca Whitcomb Whitcomb, Walesca Faculty 207-783-9323
Lisa Williams Williams, Lisa Faculty 207-783-9323
Susan Wong Wong, Susan Faculty 207-782-6911
John Yorkey Yorkey, John Athletic Director 207-782-6911
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