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All students must take and complete three (3) years of math to graduate from Saint Dominic Academy. The minimum courses and progression of courses are as follows: Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. Listed below are the courses and descriptions for students to choose from to fulfill their requirement. Students who anticipate pursuing an advanced study in mathematics or science are encouraged to maximize the opportunities the Mathematics Department offers. Many students pursuing other courses of study find that mathematics helps them to embrace a disciplined course of study.
  • 119 ALGEBRA I - COLLEGE  (1 credit)
This course prepares students with average mathematical skills for further work in high school mathematics. The course makes a connection with other math courses previously studied. Main concepts studied include variables and expressions, solving equations, graphing, polynomials, factoring, and an introduction to functions and relations.
  • 120 ALGEBRA I - HONORS (1 credit)
This is an accelerated course of introductory secondary school math. Topics include a review of basic arithmetic operations, the introduction of variables in multiple applications, the concept of one and two dimensional graphing, polynomial expressions including factoring and exponents, and applications of functions and inequalities. Many of the topics will be applied to word problems and general problem solving real-life situations. 
SUMMER HOMEWORK:  The students will be assigned summer homework which will include doing problems concerning the concepts of the properties of real numbers.  The homework will be turned in during the first week of classes and will be evaluated as a homework grade.  In addition, a quiz will be administered during the first week of school, after a brief review of the material. Help sessions will be scheduled before the due date.
  • 184 GEOMETRY - COLLEGE - (1 credit)
This course stresses the basic structure of geometry with a brief introduction to proofs.  Basic concepts studied include the simplest geometric shapes and their relationships; properties of triangles, polygons, and circles; trigonometry basics.  The importance of algebraic properties in relationship to geometric diagrams is also covered
  • 185 GEOMETRY - HONORS (1 credit)
This is an accelerated course developed for students with above-average mathematical and problem-solving skills.  The focus of the course is Euclidean Geometry; however, spherical geometry will be explored.  The course stresses inductive and deductive reasoning which will enable students to use an axiomatic system to communicate their reasoning in a variety of forms of proofs and to develop conjectures.  Main concepts studied include the relationships between lines, angles, and circles; properties of geometric shapes; the application of algebraic properties to geometric diagrams; similar and congruent figures; right triangle trigonometry; constructions; areas and volumes; and real-life applications. Constructions will be integrated throughout the course.
PREREQUISITE: “A+” in Algebra I CP or permission of the Guidance Department
This course was developed for students with average Algebra I and Geometry skills. The focus of the course is to develop computational problem-solving skills necessary for Advanced Math and/or College Algebra. Main concepts studied include properties of real numbers, inequalities, factoring, rational expressions, systems of equations, complex numbers and an extensive introduction of trigonometry.      
  • 122 ALGEBRA II - HONORS (1 credit)
This course stresses an in-depth study of algebra and the development of computational problem-solving skills. Structures and the properties of real numbers are reviewed and extended. This course also includes a treatment of inequalities, absolute values, graphing, determinants, rational expressions, systems of linear equations, methods of solving quadratic equations, complex numbers, polynomials, and logarithms.
PREREQUISITE: "B" average in Algebra I and Geometry Honors or permission of the Guidance Department
  • 244 TRIGONOMETRY - HONORS 1st Semester (.5 credit)
Students who are enrolled in Pre-Calculus Honors are required to take Trigonometry Honors during the first semester. This course studies angles and their trigonometric functions. Students study the rotation of these angles and their relationship to right triangles. Other topics investigated include reference angles and their uses, graphs of the trigonometric functions, identities, functions of the sum of two angles, inverse trigonometric relations, and oblique triangles.
PREREQUISITE: "B" in Algebra II (H) or permission of the Guidance Department
  • 218 PRE-CALCULUS - HONORS (1 credit)
This is a top-flight math course for juniors and seniors planning pre-med, engineering, math, or any science-related field. It is also a preparatory course for any student anticipating taking Advanced Placement Calculus. Topics include solving equations and inequalities, conic sections, polynomial functions, exponents, logs, sequences and series, complex numbers, trigonometry, and matrices.
PREREQUISITE: "B" in Algebra II Honors and in Trig Honors or concurrent enrollment in Trig Honors or permission of the Guidance Department.
  • 117 ADVANCED MATH  - COLLEGE  (1 credit)
This course is designed for the college bound student who is not planning to major in mathematics or science. Topics include coordinate geometry, inequalities, functions, trigonometry, exponents and logs, graphs, and complex numbers. Students must have a basic scientific calculator.
PREREQUISITE: "C" in Algebra II and Trig or permission of the Guidance Department 
This advanced math course is for the student who is planning a career involving mathematics. A strong knowledge of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus is needed. Topics include functions, derivatives, integration, limits, differential equations, logs, areas, volumes and slope fields. Students should expect an average of six hours of homework each week. A graphing calculator is required. The Texas Instruments are the preferred choice (TI84 Plus). This course is also a good preparation for the AP Calculus AB Exam taken in the Spring.
PREREQUISITE: "B" in Trigonometry (H) and Pre-Calculus (H) or permission of the Guidance Department         
  • 239 STATISTICS (HONORS) (.5 credit)
Statistics is an elective math course for juniors and seniors who have successfully completed Algebra II. This course will engage students to think statistically in the real world by teaching them how to analyze data, gather data, explore relationships between variables, and use probability to make decisions about data. It will include a basic introduction on using hypothesis testing to make inferences about data. A graphing calculator is strongly encouraged (TI-84 Plus is preferred).
  • 714 AP Statistics (1 credit)
This course is designed to cover a broad range of statistical topics including methods used to gather, organize, describe, analyze and draw conclusions from data. Students will learn how to describe patterns, plan and conduct studies, explore random phenomena using probability, and test hypotheses. Students will use technology to help with statistical analysis. AP Statistics will prepare students to take the AP statistics exam in May. It is not intended to replace Pre-calculus or AP Calculus.