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Our Mission

Consistent with Catholic tradition, Saint Dominic Academy teaches its students Veritas Vitae, the Truth of Life, through study, prayer, community, and service.

Seeking to understand “Veritas” — the truth, gives us the fullness of “Vitae” — life.  All the aspects of our school — from classes in chemistry to practices on the soccer field to quiet moments during retreats — assist our students in the life-giving process of encountering the truth of life: in the spiritual world, in themselves, and in the world around us.

An Education Inspired by Four Dominican Pillars


“Veritas Vitae” — “The Truth of Life” is our school motto.  We seek to fully engage the truth about each area of human knowledge in the classes we offer, rather than simply preparing students to memorize answers for tests. Our classes impart to our students a thirst for knowledge, the ability to reason logically, and the capacity to think critically. These are qualities that can only be cultivated through skilled mentoring and disciplined study, qualities that will serve students well in whatever field of study or career God sets before them.


We offer opportunities to develop greater interiority, to contemplate questions of purpose and meaning, to develop a strong moral compass, and to find balance in life.  For those students who are Catholic or Christian, we help them to deepen and enrich their knowledge and experience of Jesus Christ and his Church through religious studies, prayer, Mass and the sacraments, and countless other liturgical and spiritual opportunities.  Through all aspects of life at our school, we work to inspire an understanding that ‘made for greatness’ means ‘made for holiness.’


We strive to promote honesty, integrity, discipline, athleticism, healthy living, artistic and cultural awareness, etiquette, and practical leadership abilities.  Our sports program is guided by the principles of “Play Like a Champion,” the highly acclaimed program pioneered by Notre Dame University, ensuring that our teams embody true greatness on the field or ice rink.  We promote dozens of extracurricular, cultural, and artistic opportunities for our students to become fully integrated, well-rounded people.


In our school, we cultivate an awareness that our lives are profoundly connected to the lives of others and that all of us have a duty to care for those who are poor, vulnerable, or marginalized.  Inspired by the words of Christ, we offer countless opportunities for students, staff, and families to come together for causes greater than themselves and to reach out in compassion to those in need, particularly through direct care of those who are most local to us.  For us, community service is more than a transcript builder, it is a passion and a way of life.

Protecting God's Children

The Safe Environment Program was implemented in the Portland Diocese in June 2002.  All clergy, employees, and volunteers who work with children/youth on a regular basis must attend a Protecting God's Children training session which is a sexual abuse awareness and prevention program.

The Diocesan website contains useful material and resources including:

Details about the Office of Child & Youth Protection and the Protecting God’s Children program
A variety of safe environment forms and applications for parishes, parents, schools, employees, and volunteers
The Diocesan Code of Ethics
A description of the Diocesan Review Board
How to file a sexual abuse report
Information about the Office of Professional Responsibility
Diocesan policies on counseling assistance

Please contact Jennifer Cyr at 207-782-6911 or for information regarding the next available class.

“An authentic faith — which is never comfortable or completely personal — always involves a deep desire to change the world, to transmit values, to leave this earth somehow better than we found it.” — Pope Francis