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St. Dom's welcomes international students to join our school community.  Interested students should submit a complete application for admission as noted below. The student must also submit an application from the international student agency and the St. Dom’s Application for Admission. This includes:

  • Student Questionnaire
  • Transcript of Grades for the two most recent years
  • School Recommendation
  • Athletic Form
The following information/forms must also be submitted at the time of application:
Passport with photo
Birth Certificate
Insurance Card (medical)
Immunization record
Evidence of a completed physical/health screen
Skype Interview
St. Dom’s will coordinate with the sending agency as to a mutually convenient time to conduct a Skype interview with the applicant.


The Office of School Superintendent for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland, Maine is responsible for issuing the I-20. This process will be completed once a check payable to Saint Dominic Academy for all tuition and fees has been submitted via express mail and received by the St. Dom’s Business Office at 121 Gracelawn Road, Auburn, Maine 04210. St. Dom’s will then notify the Superintendent’s Office who will send the I-20 via express mail to the international student agency.  Along with full payment, the following two forms must be submitted to St. Dom’s in order for the I-20 to be produced:


Additional charges/fees (Depending on the academic schedule and class year. Payable upon arrival.)

Textbooks - approximately $600 annually

Standard Dress Code

International students are expected to comply with the expectations of our “standard dress” code policy in time for the first day of school in mid-August.

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