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Guiding students through academic, social and developmental challenges are the responsibility of the entire St. Dom's community.  At St. Dom's, students meet with the College Advisor to begin their journey after St. Dom's.

St. Dom's has a proud tradition of graduating students that not only go on to post-secondary education but who thrive in the college environment.   Many families will begin the college selection process in the sophomore year; by junior year, all students will meet with the college advisor.   All St. Dom's students set up their own College Board accounts to provide instant access to college information.  In preparation for the SATs, which will be taken in the junior year, students in grades 7 through 11 take various standardized exams, such as the NWEAs and the PSATs. 

In senior year, individual student interviews begin self-assessment on future goals.  This helps our Guidance Department determine colleges and universities that may be the right fit for each student.

Our National Honor Society organizes a trip each year to visit some top colleges and universities throughout New England.  Colleges and universities routinely visit the Auburn Campus.  Students are encouraged to attend those information sessions.  The schedule is posted monthly.

A list of financial aid and scholarship opportunities is available and managed in Student Services.

For more information, contact Jeff McAdam, College and Academic Advisor at 207-782-6911 or