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History of St. Dom's


In 1941, Central Maine welcomed the first school to bear the St. Dom’s name. With a sense of hope, an unyielding resolve and a strong spirit of charity, St. Dom’s was born to steer students on a course set by the Catholic schools that preceded it, giving them the tools they needed to succeed – while enhancing the community and the nation they called home.

Fr. Drouin, OP

Over the course of our long history, St. Dom’s has continued to evolve. Its mission, as a Roman Catholic educational ministry of the Diocese of Portland, Maine was to serve the qualified boys and girls in grades 9-12 with the benefits of a Catholic education.  More recently, in 2010, we responded to the needs of our community by embracing students from grades PreK through eighth grade, enhancing our ability to serve a larger community, and continuing the tradition of providing a values-based education. As a result of our broader focus, we changed our name from St. Dominic Regional High School to Saint Dominic Academy.  Saint Dominic Academy, under the patronage of the Most Reverend Bishop of Portland, participates with the local Church in bringing the Good News of the Crucified and Risen Jesus to those young men and women who seek to embrace the Lord more fully through membership in this High School Community.

Despite the changes that have altered our course, our commitment to integrity, community and excellence has remained the same. At St. Dom’s we focus on the needs of each individual by encouraging them to take an active role in their community and to face each challenge with courage, conviction and a love for learning – traits that serve our students well during their education and throughout their lives.

Beginning in Pre-K, a St. Dom’s student will experience a time-tested curriculum steeped in Christian values, but open to every perspective – where every student’s input is respected and appreciated. Our demanding expectations are also evident in the quality of our faculty, who share our mission to prepare well-rounded, value-centered, college-bound individuals who earn success through hard work and perseverance – and who graduate with the tools they need to succeed in every area of life.

In 2016, Saint Dominic Academy celebrated its 75th Anniversary, appropriately named “Ministry in Education - Faithfully Strong, Generations Long.” It is with deep appreciation we celebrate the many schools that have unified over the years to form this one Pre-K to 12 College Preparatory Diocesan School. We express our heartfelt thanks to our clergy, religious and lay teachers, administrators and staff who have made such a positive impact on our children throughout the years. 

We hope you enjoy the historical highlights of the formation of our parochial schools and the many inspired individuals who helped foster faith and achieve academic excellence at Saint Dominic Academy.

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