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Contact List for Middle and High School Coaches



High School Coaches:

Boys Soccer    Andrew Pelletier

Girls Soccer   Jarrod Carnrick

Cross Country   Daniel Campbell

Field Hockey   Karli-An Holt

Golf   Chris Whitney

Football   Chris Kates  (cooperative team with Lisbon High School)


Middle School Coaches:

MS Boys Soccer   Will Cobb '01

MS Girls Soccer   Eldon Tapley

MS Field Hockey   Mercedes Archer

MS Cross Country   Daniel Campbell

MS Golf   Chris Whitney



Boys Ice Hockey   Dan D’Auteuil, Jr. '86

Girls Ice Hockey   Paul Gosselin '77

Boys Basketball   Josh LaPrell

Girls Basketball   Alexandria Grondin

Competition Cheering

Co-Ed Swimming   Scott Morrison (cooperative agreement with Edward Little High School)

Alpine Skiing   Evan Mancini / Shad Hall / (cooperative agreement with Gray-New Gloucester)


Middle School Coaches:

Co-Ed MS Ice Hockey  Josh Lynn

MS Boys Basketball  Randy Parenteau

MS Girls Basketball  Andrew Whitehouse

MS Alpine Skiing   Matt Tassinari



Varsity Baseball   Bob Blackman

Varsity Softball   Scott Berube

Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse   Sue Nee

Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse   Tim Matteson

Varsity Coed Tennis   Andrew Girouard '03

Varsity Track & Field   Tyler Shennett


Middle School Coaches:

MS Baseball   Will Cobb '01   will

MS Softball   Eldon Tapley   eldon

MS Girls Lacrosse   Denis D'Auteuil '98

MS Boys Lacrosse   Scott Emery

MS Track & Field   Tracy Guerrette


For more information, contact Athletic Director, Andrew Pelletier or 207-795-8932.

Fr. Drouin