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Christian Formation

Saint Dominic Academy’s religious education curriculum is designed to foster understanding of the basic concepts about the Sacred Scriptures, Jesus Christ, the Paschal Mystery, the Church, the Sacraments and morality through the perspective of the centricity of Jesus Christ. Throughout the USCCB’s three-year program of study, students develop life-long skills to learn more about their faith by studying Sacred Scripture, through spiritual reflection, peer discussions and applying a deeper relationship with Christ to their everyday lives.

  • 226 RELIGION I - COLLEGE (1 credit)
Freshman year is an introduction to the Living in Christ series. The first semester centers on the study of Sacred Scripture leading to a deeper understanding of the people and events of the Old and New Testaments from the perspective of tracing Salvation History with an emphasis on the centricity of Jesus Christ.
The Second Semester focuses on Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. This is an in-depth Christological exploration leading the student to a deeper understanding of the teachings, humanity, and significance of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Son of God, in Salvation History.
SERVICE HOURS: 6 hours each semester at an approved site
  • 227 RELIGION II - COLLEGE (1 credit)
Sophomore year continues the Living in Christ series. The first semester centers on the study of The Paschal Mystery. Students develop a deeper understanding of Jesus as the fulfillment of God’s promise of redemption. Students also explore how we are continually experiencing the Paschal Mystery through the liturgy of the Church and in everyday life.
The second semester centers on the importance of the Catholic Church as the means of encountering Jesus in our lives. This course briefly touches upon the history of the Church, but concentrates on examining the Church's identity and mission in the world today. Students explore and reflect on what it means to be active participants as well as contributors in the modern Church.
SERVICE HOURS: 8 hours each semester at an approved site
  • 228 RELIGION III – History of the Catholic Church and Church Morality - COLLEGE (1 credit)
Church history focuses on the main developments, people and events that have shaped the Church throughout its history.
Christian Morality focuses on the development of Catholic identity and living a moral life. Readings, reflective essays, group discussions, and Community Service are some of the methods by which this course strives to develop a profound understanding of the underlying meaning of Morality. This course seeks to explore the implications of moral decision making and what part conscience plays in the ultimate choices. Church Morality also seeks to define the Decalogue and examine its impact in our continued loving relationship with God in today’s society.
SERVICE HOURS: 10 hours each semester at an approved site
  • 167 RELIGION IV – Lay Ministry – COLLEGE  (1 credit)
Senior year is the culmination of the Religion Program at Saint Dominic Academy. The senior year sees the converging of the main issues, ideas, and rituals of the Catholic Faith. The year is divided into three main focus areas: The Person, God and the Church and Catholic Social Teachings. Focusing on the Church, students study the family as the foundation for a Catholic understanding of human relationships as well as the responsibility to neighbor and community. From the family, this course continues with a deeper examination of social justice issues affecting today’s world and how Catholics address the problems of the injustices. The second semester includes the senior community involvement program, which gives students the opportunity to live what they have been studying
Relevant documents of the Second Vatican Council will be introduced; such as Gaudium et Spes and Lumen Gentium; Papal Encyclicals, such as Fides et Ratio and Humanae Vitae; writings by contemporary Christian writers, such as John Paul II, Oscar Romero, Dorothy Day, Mother Teresa, and others; and numerous journal, magazine and newspaper articles.
SERVICE HOURS: Senior Involvement
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