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Growing Future Generations of Students

We strive to make each student the best version of themselves!

The St. Dom’s community is a tapestry of diverse talents, backgrounds, and stories, and together, we represent a rich legacy of achievement and resilience that form a source of inspiration for current and future students.  

Our teachers, ministers, coaches, and counselors engage and build each individual by paying attention to them in and out of the classroom. You'll find many of them at athletic events, cheering on the students and taking what they see on the field back into the school to motivate and grow academic and life skills.

The Annual Fund directly impacts them through school programming, extracurricular activities, and hiring highly qualified teachers.  It provides scholarships to first-generation students just starting at St. Dom’s and fourth-generation students who have grown up with the traditions their parents have passed on to them.  

Won’t you consider a donation to the St. Dom’s Annual Fund so current and future students can continue the St. Dom’s legacy that has lasted generations?

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