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Welcome to Food Services for the 2024-2025 school year!  The guidelines for the new year are subject to change and will align with the expectations for food service outlined by the Maine Department of Education and Center for Disease Control.

1.  View or print the monthly/weekly menu linked to this page.
2.  Log in to the FACTS Family Portal (enrolled students only), select the Student tab, and then the Lunch tab.
3.  Select the Lunch icon on the St. Dom's Mobile app.  This will bring you directly to the Lunch feature of the FACTS Family Portal.  A portion of the lunch ordering screen will not be visible.  You may need to swipe left or right to view the ordering screen on your device.
Special dietary needs resulting from allergies or other medical conditions should be communicated by contacting:
Food Services Director, Theresa Arsenault at or 207-782-6911 ext. 2124

Lewiston Campus Ordering

Pre-K through 5th-grade students must either bring lunch from home or pre-order school lunch.  

Lunch must be ordered by 10 pm the evening before the day the lunch will be served.
The cost of pre-ordered lunches will be charged to the student's account if consumed.  Pre-ordered lunches that are not consumed because of snow days or absences will not be charged. 

Lunch can be ordered in two ways:
1 — By logging into the FACTS Family Portal and selecting the desired lunch choices.  (preferred) FACTS Family Portal

2 — Printing the lunch menu for the month, circling the desired choices, and submitting the calendar to your child's teacher or the main office.
Lewiston Campus school lunches include white or chocolate milk.  White or chocolate milk can be purchased if the student brings a lunch from home.  Food services will charge your child's account for milk. 

To order lunch through the FACTS Family Portal:
Step 1: Log in to the Family Portal.
Step 2: On the left side menu, select “Student”.
Step 3: On the left side sub-menu, select “Lunch”
Step 4: Select the day you are ordering lunch for.
Step 5: Select “+ CREATE WEB ORDER”
Step 6: In the QTY column, enter a LUNCH, DRINK, and SIDE option.
Step 7: Click the “Order Items” button at the bottom of the order form.
Lunches may be pre-ordered one month at a time.
For any other questions, please contact Theresa Arsenault at or 207-783-9323.

Auburn Campus

Break (grades 6 – 12)
À la carte items will be available for purchase in the Commons during the break.  Student accounts will be charged for items on-site at the time of purchase. 
Lunch (grades 6 – 12)
Middle and High school students may either bring lunch from home or purchase school lunch.  Pre-ordering is not necessary.   Lunch items will be available à la carte.