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 “The Church must accompany with attention and care the weakest of her children, who show signs of a wounded and troubled love, by restoring in them hope and confidence” - Pope Francis

The Office of Campus Ministry is committed to providing spiritual and emotional support to students and families as they pursue their studies at Saint Dominic Academy.  Since the founding of the Academy, the Diocese of Portland has assigned a priest chaplain at both campuses of the school to serve as a spiritual resource and support.  In addition to weekly Masses, the chaplain is present in the halls and classrooms of the school and makes himself available to meet with students, families and staff throughout the week.  

Whether Catholic or not, the chaplain works to provide support and assistance to all students, family members and staff in times of trial or difficulty, and to be available for conversations involving questions of faith, morality, and the spiritual life.  In cases where more significant counseling may be needed, the chaplain is also able to provide referrals to local area professionals.

The current chaplain for Saint Dominic Academy is Fr. Seamus Griesbach.
Fr. Seamus is a native of Lisbon Falls, ME and was ordained for the Diocese of Portland in 2007.  He has served as chaplain at Saint Dominic Academy since 2014, when he was assigned to the school in addition to being named Director of Vocations for the Diocese of Portland.  Typically, Fr. Seamus is on campus in Lewiston on Tuesdays and on campus in Auburn on Wednesdays each week.  To contact him, please email




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