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To print out a .pdf of the dress code with signature line, please click here.

Saint Dominic Academy has a dress standard to ensure modesty, safety, and school cohesiveness. Enforcement of the standard falls on the students, parents, faculty, and staff. Students who are found in violation of the dress standard will be addressed. Final determination of an item’s appropriateness is at the discretion of the faculty and administration.

Where to purchase: All dress options that are offered through the St. Dom’s Spirit Shop and/or Tommy Hilfiger – Any clothes bought elsewhere must adhere to these standards.



  • White, black, grey polo shirts with school logo or white polo shirt without the school logo. Shirt collar must be visible at all times.
  • Students may choose to wear a black, white, or grey oxford shirt/blouse with a collar, with or without a scarf or a tie as an alternative to the polo shirt.
  • Students may only wear plain white, grey or black tee shirts under polo and oxford shirts.



  • Khaki/chino style pants, shorts, skirts which extend to the knee, and capris must be solid khaki, white, black, or grey
  • Black, white, grey or natural leggings and tights may be worn under skirts



  • St. Dom’s crewneck sweatshirts and St. Dom’s warm up jackets and vests are acceptable. The St. Dom’s logo or crest must be present and visible.
  • Black, white, or grey solid colored sweaters may be worn



  • Footwear must be safe and securely fastened to the foot with a heel strap
  • Footwear requirements apply during dress down days



  • T-shirts with sleeves (no tank tops or muscle shirts) – school appropriate t-shirts only
  • Shorts (past mid-thigh) or sweatpants (No leggings)
  • Sneakers
  • Grey, black, or white t-shirt with school logo or plain grey, black, or white t-shirt without school logo
  • Saint Dominic Academy shorts or sweatpants – available in the spirit shop


Pre-K Uniform Option:

Students in Pre-K may choose to wear the standard uniform OR the gym uniform every day. Students should be able to button and zip if wearing uniform pants with buttons and zippers.



  • All clothing must be kept neat, clean and in good repair
  • Jewelry must be kept to a minimum and is subject to approval by Administration
  • No visible tattoos or body piercings
  • Hair must be neat, clean, of a natural color and out of the face
  • Exposed backs, stomachs, or shoulders are not allowed
  • Undergarments (bras, boxers, briefs, camisoles, etc.) are not to be visible
  • Hats must be removed when inside any school building unless permission has been granted by the administration

It is the family’s responsibility to ensure their student comes to school dressed accordingly and prepared to learn. Students should be dressed for success!

If students arrive at school and do not meet the dress standards: The student’s parents will be contacted and asked to bring in appropriate clothing and/or have the student correct the offense. We will have skirts/pants/polos available for families who are unable to provide an appropriate replacement for students out of dress code. Repeated violations will be addressed by administration.