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We Know How to Do Remote Learning

Saint Dominic Academy was one of a few schools in Maine to transition quickly and efficiently to remote learning in the spring of 2020 after the coronavirus struck.  Teachers stayed engaged with students and adjusted their teaching and communication to ensure that they were able to provide needed educational support to students and families.  Many lessons were learned along the way by all, and parents, students, and teachers alike have expressed their positive impression on how we were able to work together to overcome a difficult situation.

We Are Making Every Effort to Stay On Campus Safely

We are committed to doing all we can this fall to ensure that in-person classroom instruction can be safely carried out on our two campuses, despite the continued presence of the virus.  Through screening by families and at our entrances, face coverings, and physical distancing, we believe we can drastically reduce the chance of an outbreak of Covid-19 in our community. 

In the unfortunate event that some of our students or staff become infected, the Saint Dominic Academy Covid Response Team will work with Maine State Diocesan School staff to communicate and implement an appropriate response, making every effort to continue or re-start on-campus instruction safely.  If it becomes necessary for our school to transition to remote learning for a brief or extended period of time, our staff are prepared to quickly transition.  We request the help of all of our families to assist us by following guidelines that will impede the spread of the virus in our school community.  Our students want to be in school, and so do we.  It is the best educational option.  Our common efforts cannot eliminate the risk, but can help us to minimize the chance that we will need to go remote again.

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