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Campus ministry is committed to helping students feel safe and at peace while they are at school.  With the chaos and turmoil that is all around us, it is important that students can learn in an environment where they feel loved and protected.  

Morning prayer, which gathers us together to check in with the Lord each morning is being adjusted at each campus, but will remain a part of the beginning of each day.

Weekly Masses, which normally bring entire campuses together each week are being adjusted in order to make it possible for us to still come together to pray and receive the Eucharist, while observing physical distancing requirements.  In addition, Fr. Seamus is working with staff and Assistant Chaplains to provide other avenues of spiritual and emotional support to students.  At the Auburn Campus, a 4 week rotation will replace the normal Mass times, allowing time for students to share their experiences in small groups, spend time in personal reflection, attend Mass with their grade on a monthly basis, and catch up on work and extracurricular activities.  

Retreats will continue throughout the year, with some adjustments.  It will not be possible to travel to retreat facilities or to stay overnight, due to the risks involved.  Instead, retreats will be held on campus with an adjusted schedule.  More information will be available about specific retreats in advance.