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What school will look like at the Auburn Campus

This summary document will give you the necessary information regarding the 2020-21 school year for the Auburn Campus of Saint Dominic Academy.  

Daily Schedule

All students must complete a daily self-monitoring checklist at home before arriving on campus.
Masks are to be worn at all times in the building, including while moving throughout the building and during class time, except when eating. Classroom teachers may declare a “mask break” at their discretion when all students are seated in their assigned seat while observing physical distancing protocol. The “mask break” can last for the duration of the instruction time at the teacher’s discretion.
Masks must be two-ply and secured tightly to the face. Bandanas, gators, and paper masks are not permitted. Students who arrive at school without a mask will not be allowed to enter the building.


  • Doors Open at 7:40 am and not earlier
  • All students must be evaluated upon entry of the school. Any student who exhibits symptoms of illness will be sent to the nurse and if appropriate, to the isolation room.
  • The evaluation will be done by a trained staff member.
  • The Middle School will enter near the St. Francis Garden. The High School will enter at the front door.
7:40 - 8:10 (High School)
7:45 - 8:15 am (Middle School)
  • Breakfast will be served in the commons at a reasonable cost and must be pre-ordered through FACTS. If more than 50 students arrive for breakfast, the gym will be used as overflow. Appropriate spacing will be followed in either space.


Before Lunch

  • Students will wear masks while traveling to and from class.
  • Students will carry book bags and not use lockers during the school day.
  • Each classroom will have adequate spacing, sanitizer, and disinfectant spray.
  • Movement in the building will be in one direction where possible. Arrows on the floor will indicate traffic direction.
  • Students must bring a full water bottle to school. Refilling options will be provided where possible.



  • Food must be brought from home or pre-ordered through FACTS.
  • For the High School, lunch will be delivered to and eaten in homerooms.
  • The Middle School will eat lunch in the commons and gym and have recess outside as long as weather permits.


Post- Lunch to the end of day

  • High School students will move from class to class as in the morning.
  • At dismissal, all students must exit the academic wing of the building.
  • The academic wing will be closed for cleaning and sanitization.
  • All after-school tutoring or help will be done remotely.
  • The building will close at 5 pm except for athletic reasons.
  • NO student can be on the premises after the building closes except by special arrangement with Mr. Gallic


The building will be cleaned and sanitized each day. The bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized hourly.

The best way to keep the pandemic out of the school occurs before any student enters the building. Carefully monitoring home health is the key to prevention. In short, if you are sick, stay home.