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Joseph Bosse '11

September 24, 2020
By Joseph Bosse

The United States Military Academy at West Point prepared me for the Army, but St. Dominic Academy prepared me for life.  After graduation, I served as an enlisted Infantryman and went on to attend officer training at the United States Military Academy at West Point where I earned a B.S in Industrial Engineering / Farsi.  The Army has taken me from Northern Africa to Southwest Asia, and the lessons from St. Dom’s have undoubtedly remained throughout.
Although I graduated nearly a decade ago, I find myself constantly drawing on the lessons learned from my time at Saint Dominic Academy. Whether it is training the next generation of America's sons and daughters or helping our Afghan partners at their point of need-St. Dom’s has taught me the most about the meaning of service.

The holistic approach to education provided at St. Dom’s allowed me to learn the values of teamwork and discipline, rise to common challenges, and discover who I was as a young leader. St. Dom’s builds leaders of character that are in the highest demand in our military and civilians sectors.

Programs like Mission to Mississippi, Senior Capstone, sports, and daily interactions with the Saint's community all help us learn what it means to give back as young leaders.
The St. Dom’s education inculcates a yearning to help others and give back to a greater good. Instead of having to learn these lessons for the first time during training or combat, I am grateful I learned them at St. Dom’s.

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