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“Saint Dominic Academy has been making a difference in the lives of students for 80 years by inspiring spiritual growth, intellectual challenge, community service, and compassion for others.  A gift to The St. Dom's Fund symbolizes your belief in our mission.  Participation is critical to sustain the mission and continue to provide a top-notch educational experience.  High levels of participation will demonstrate our community’s shared commitment to our students.  Please consider joining us in our efforts.“

~ Mark Lee ’89 and Sandra Heutz-Lee ‘89 

Give to the St. Dom's Annual Fund


Your gift to The St. Dom's Annual Fund helps us keep our promise of educational access, academic excellence, and service to the community.  The St. Dom's Annual Fund provides tuition assistance, supports new educational initiatives, and secures specialized training for high-quality staff.  Your gift allows St. Dom’s to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our students and ensure their continued success.

In supporting The St. Dom's Annual Fund you help support our core values.

We believe in educational access for all. St. Dom’s prides itself on being able to meet 100% of every aided student’s demonstrated need. Your contributions ensure educational opportunities for students from all backgrounds.

We value education for the whole student. The Annual Fund allows us to provide more opportunities for our students to gain a well-rounded education.

We are committed to academic excellence. Your support allows St. Dom’s to ensure well-trained, high-quality faculty to serve students of all abilities. 

The St. Dom's legacy has endured for 80 Years thanks to you. Join that tradition or renew your commitment again this year. Your annual support is essential to the St. Dom's of today and tomorrow.

Make A Donation To Support a Saint


For information regarding opportunities to support St. Dom's, contact Nicole Nadeau Adams '00 207-782-6911.