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Financial Aid

A family seeking financial aid needs to apply every year the student is enrolled, and the amount received may vary from year to year based on your current calculated need, available resources, and the number of applicants. 
Financial Aid consists of Tuition Assistance and specific Scholarships.  When you complete the FACTS™ Grant & Aid Assessment, you will become automatically eligible for Tuition Assistance (no student essay required) and/or Scholarships (student essay required at the Middle and High School level).  Awards are based on your calculated need and meeting the scholarship award criteria.  There is no longer a need to apply separately for individual scholarships.  How to apply for financial aid.


Tuition Assistance

FACTS™ Grant & Aid Assessment will evaluate multiple financial factors involved in a family's finances and make a determination as to that family's ability to afford a private education. The St. Dom's Financial Aid Committee will then meet to verify the financial need as determined by FACTS™, and award Tuition Assistance packages to students and families.
Non-Scholarship, general Tuition Assistance does not require Middle or High School students to write an essay.  It is based solely on the financial needs of the family.


Saint Dominic Academy is blessed to have benefactors and corporate sponsors who believe a Catholic education is an important part of a young person's development, growth, and preparation for the future.  Our donors provide scholarships based on general or specific criteria.  When completing the FACTS™ Grant & Aid Assessment, you will be asked questions that determine your eligibility for particular scholarships.
To be considered for specific Scholarships, Middle or High School students must upload, through the FACTS Grant and Aid application, a student essay (300-600 words) addressing one or more of the following:  (a) ways in which the student has shaped the community of Saint Dominic Academy; (b) ways in which the student’s St. Dom’s experience has shaped his or her life; and (c) ways in which the student has taken or will take what they have learned at St. Dom’s into the larger world.

Your Tuition Solution (an Education Loan Program)

Families may also consider an education loan through Your Tuition Solution. Your Tuition Solution’s convenient payment plans give you a wide range of options such as:
Financing from $2,000 to $50,000
Fixed rates as low as 3.99% APR
Payment terms from 24 to 84 months
No application fees or initial payment
To learn more about Your Tuition Solution’s flexible plans, compare payment options or apply online, visit
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