A Faith-Based Education for Everyone

Instilling Values is Important for All Our Students

Many people believe you must be Catholic to attend Saint Dominic Academy. In reality, 33% of our current student body is not Catholic. However, our parents tell us that they enroll their children at St. Dom's for what a faith-based education can offer; learning in a values-based, mission-driven environment.  We encourage kindness and respect for others. We take moments to reflect on what is good in the world and in our personal lives. We offer opportunities for students to give back to their communities.  We give thanks for what others in the community have done for us.  And we do all this while providing a rigorous college preparatory education.

Our goal at St. Dom's is to instill these values so that our students are responsible, productive and compassionate citizens long after their years at the Academy. 

In keeping with a traditional Catholic education, we start each morning by gathering together for group prayer. We celebrate together at weekly Masses, and we offer religious instruction. Each class is offered the opportunity to participate in retreats.  These practices help to create community. They provide us time to be contemplative, and they ground us.  In a world that often feels as if it's moving at the speed of light, it is important to pause and nurture each person’s spiritual self.  Catholic or not, we believe everyone can benefit from that.  Please be sure to stop by for a visit to see how your child can become a part of something bigger!

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Post Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018 11:09 AM