Saint Dominic Academy Concussion Protocol

Recognizing the emerging public health issue raised by under-treated and unrecognized concussion, Saint Dominic Academy has developed a protocol for concussion management. The protocol is in compliance with LD 1837 and governs any head injury or other injury where neuro-cognitive signs and symptoms are present is sustained by a Saint Dominic Academy athlete. Should additional guidelines become available prior to an update to this protocol; they will supersede the protocol listed below.


1. An athlete that displays ANY concussion or neuro-cognitive sign or symptom resulting from an injury MUST be removed from the activity immediately and not allowed to return that day AND is not allowed to return until cleared by a licensed health care provider trained in concussion management (This is in direct compliance with LD 1873).

2. The athlete must be cleared by a licensed provider skilled in the diagnosis and management of concussion and must provide written clearance prior to full athletic participation. This includes a return to play protocol and governs those athletes seen by a certified Athletic Trainer.

3. In the setting where an Athletic Trainer is available, an athlete who is removed from activity due to signs or symptoms of concussion or neuro-cognitive deficit and who is evaluated by the Athletic Trainer and determined to be either symptom free or have resolving signs and symptoms can be appropriately managed by the Athletic Trainer. The Athletic Trainer will contact the parent(s) or guardian and discuss the management process and the return to play guidelines. (per LD 1873).

4. If there are ANY ongoing signs and symptoms of concussion or neuro-cognitive deficits, the Athletic Trainer will refer the athlete to the appropriate provider after consulting with the parent(s) or guardian of the athlete. If a parent/guardian asks for direction of the referral, the Athletic Trainer will recommend the closest emergency department, the athlete’s primary care provider or a sports medicine physician trained in concussion management per parent preference. The Athletic Trainer will refer for immediate transport to the nearest emergency department in ALL emergency situations.

5. The Athletic Trainer will ALWAYS work within the scope of practice outlined in the Athletic Trainer Practice Act (Title 32 – Chapter 127-A) and will share information regarding the concussion in keeping with current HIPAA guidelines.

Failure to comply with the protocol puts the athlete, coaching staff and others at risk for possible future injury, potential litigation, and possible disciplinary action by the school. Saint Dominic Academy strives to maintain the highest level of academic and athletic excellence and following the appropriate protocol when returning from a concussion or other head injury is important to maintaining that excellence.