Saint Dominic Academy students take great pride participating in interscholastic sports. In addition to physical activity, the athletic programs stress the values of cooperation, competition and self-discipline. A Class C School, St. Dom's is a member of the competitive Mountain Valley Conference. Saints varsity sport teams have competed for and won honors throughout state competition. Our trophy cases gleam with the awards of winning seasons. Recent winning seasons and championships reflect our school spirit and the commitment of players and coaches. These include the boys' and girls' ice hockey teams, baseball, softball, basketball, cheering, field hockey, golf, and boy's and girl's soccer. Such records represent a significant achievement for a school of St. Dominic's size.

Our athletic program will not only help develop excellence in your ability, but the more important life skills of sportsmanship as well. Varsity, junior varsity and seventh through ninth grade teams are structured to help you develop these abilities. A no-cut policy allows all St. Dom's students to become a part of the proud traditions that have been built through the years.

The athletic program at Saint Dominic Academy allows students and faculty to forge lasting bonds. Our coaches are student advisors, teachers, and parents. Our coaches attend clinics regularly and encourage students to attend camps over the summer. Some of our alumni athletes have or are participating at the collegiate level in women's and men's soccer, men's and women's ice hockey, softball, golf, tennis and men's and women's lacrosse. A few have gone on to become professional athletes and others are coaching at the high school and collegiate levels.