Senior Timeline


July of Senior Year

  • Begin wrapping up any summer college visits.
  • Late July - register for the late August SAT (if applicable)



  • Register by early September for the October SAT (if applicable)
  • Attend College Information Night - hosted by Student Services (If you did not attend in the spring). The College Advisor will contact families as to the date.
  • Register in Student Services to visit with college representatives who come to St. Dom’s (dates will be listed in the student's Naviance)
  • Finalize college list based on visits
  • Consider your responsibilities if applying for early decision or early action
  • Complete the online Common App
  • Ask two people for a recommendation (1 teacher along with a second teacher, coach or employer). Remember that some teachers will be asked by multiple students. Be considerate of their time by asking sooner than later.
  • Begin drafts of college application essays (through English class)
  • Begin looking for scholarship opportunities. Student Services and Naviance have information on scholarships available to graduating seniors. A bit of effort can yield thousands of dollars towards college tuition and expenses.



  • Register by early October for the November SAT (if applicable). Do not rely on this date if you are applying Early Decision or Early Action. Check with your college to be sure.
  • FAFSA begins taking applications for college grant and aid
  • Third week of October – deadline to request the upload/mail transcripts and recommendations from Student Services (for students with a November 1st college application deadline)
  • Check if your college requires CSS/PROFILE (a more in-depth financial aid process particular to the college being applied to)
  • Complete work on college application essays
  • Complete work on your college applications if applying Early Decision or Early Action
  • Research sources of private, outside scholarships – be aware of deadlines
  • Send early decisions or early action applications (Most colleges have a Nov. 1st or 15th deadline for Early Action or Early Decision)



  • Register by earaly November for the December SAT (if applicable)
  • Check on dates for financial aid submission requirements



  • Finalize college applications for Regular Decision, typically January 1st or February 1st.
  • Send application materials before the end of the month, in time to meet the Regular Decision deadline (if January 1st)



  • Mid-year grades mailed to colleges from Student Services
  • Fill out and send any other financial aid applications
  • Send application materials before the end of the month, in time to meet the Regular Decision deadline (if February 1st)



  • Register by early February for the March SAT (if applicable)
  • Monitor emails and mail from the colleges applied to for requests for additional information.
  • Ensure all necessary forms for financial aid been sent



  • Complete private scholarship applications with April or May deadlines
  • Send any financial or academic material to colleges, if requested



  • Register by early April for the May SAT (if applicable)
  • Review college and financial aid offers
  • Decide where you will attend college and notify Student Services
  • Make final decision - send housing deposit by May 1



  • Register by early May for the June SAT (if applicable)
  • Write letters of decline to colleges that you will not attend
  • Say good bye to your high school years



  • Fill out college housing forms and other requested information