January of Junior year

  • If they haven’t already done so, students should create a CollegeBoard and Naviance  accounts. SATs are coordinated through CollegeBoard. Both CollegeBoard and Naviance provide a wealth of information on the college application and selection process.


  • In general, it is recommended that students plan on taking the SAT (or ACT) exam twice; the first time in the spring of Junior year. Princeton Review has assembled a webpage to inform students as to the differences between these two exams. All colleges indicate which exam they expect their applicants to have taken, if they require one at all. Regardless, juniors should plan on taking one of these exams in the near future. At the time of the test, they will have the option of releasing their test scores to specific colleges. Depending on the academic major, colleges may require the SAT II (subject area exam). More information on the subject area exams is available on the CollegeBoard website. An important number to keep in mind throughout the application process is our CollegeBoard school ID: 200555. This number is used by colleges and SAT to identify our school.



  • Register by early February for the March SAT test date (if applicable). Students may sign-up through their CollegeBoard account.


  • If you are currently taking an AP Course, you will have the option of taking the AP exam in early May. Students planning on taking the exam must submit a $15 deposit to our business office by early February. The exam fee balance is due to the business office prior to the day of the test in May. More information on AP test dates is available on the CollegeBoard website.


  • Begin looking for the dates that your desired college(s) are holding spring open houses in preparation for a possible extended road trip over April vacation. Aside from formal open houses, colleges offer daily tours of their campus throughout the spring semester. Advance registration for these tours is often required and books up early, especially around the time of Spring Break. 



  •  College Information Night – The College Advisor will offer an overview of the college selection and application process. Date TBD.


  • Firm up plans if you are making an April vacation college road trip. Check out the website of your desired college(s) to confirm dates and times of the admissions activities they have planned.


  • Begin thinking about the classes you will take senior year, keeping in mind that colleges like to see a student take on increasing levels of academic challenge, if the student is able to manage the greater course load.



  • Register by early April for the May SAT exam (if applicable)


  • Spring Break (Possible college visits)



  • AP exams are administered 


  •  Register by early May for the June SAT exam (if applicable)


  • Make plans for additional college visits


 July prior to Senior year

  • Register by late July for the August SAT test (if applicable)