College and Academic Advising

Guiding students through academic, social and developmental challenges is the responsibility of the entire St. Dom's community. At St. Dom's students meet with a guidance counselor to help make course selections and to discuss concerns. Our faculty meet regularly with the administration to share problems or observations that may then be addressed in student and parent conferences.


St. Dom's has a proud tradition of graduating students that not only go on to post-secondary education, but who thrive in the college environment. While college preparation is a main focus at St. Dom's, career exploration begins in the ninth and tenth grade years. The college selection process officially begins during the junior and senior years with individual student interviews designed to begin self-assessment as to what goals will be for the future. This helps our Guidance Department to determine what colleges and universities will be the right fit for each student.


Our National Honor Society organizes a trip each year to visit some of the top colleges and universities throughout New England. All St. Dom's students are set-up with their own St. Dom's page on to provide instant access to information that helps assess schools that meet a student's interests and needs. Students in grades 7 - 11 take the PSAT exam annually beginning the ninth grade year to help prepare them for the SAT test that is a critical tool used by most colleges and universities in the applicant admission process.

Parents are educated and well-informed in the college selection process. Our Student Services Department provides College and Financial Aid Information Workshops that are held twice a year to inform parents and families on the steps needed to apply to college, testing requirements, the financial aid application process, and all important deadlines in these areas. A list of financial aid and scholarship opportunities is kept, updated and facilitated to students and parents regularly in the guidance office.