Saint Dominic Academy Tuition Policy 


The process of tuition collection is an essential component of business operations of the Saint Dominic Academy. All efforts at tuition collection must be consonant with the mission of the Academy and undertaken in a pastoral manner.


Tuition Collection with FACTS Management

St. Dom's contracts with FACTS Management to administer all billing and tuition collection. Cash receipts for tuition payments will be received by FACTS. Families with students entering grades K-12 must complete an enrollment contract by April 16. The business office will then establish a FACTS account for new families and re-activate accounts of current families. All new families must activate their FACTS account by April 30.

FACTS will receive all tuition payments and begin pulling funds from checking/saving accounts by June 5 or 20, depending on the chosen pull date. The business office collaborates with FACTS to monitor tuition payment according to the schedule chosen. The business office will be the primary liaison with FACTS. The business office will reconcile FACTS disbursements on a biweekly basis.


Delinquent Tuition Accounts

The Business Manager, Director of Admissions/Tuition Assistance and the President will meet on a monthly basis to monitor delinquent accounts and develop strategies to collect outstanding balances. The frequency of meetings will increase to biweekly during the months of February through May. In the event an account has not been activated by April 30 for the upcoming school year, reminders are sent to the responsible parent/guardian.


St. Dom's understands that unforeseen circumstances may occur resulting in late tuition payments and requests that timely notice is made to the school so that a mutually beneficial solution can be determined.


St. Dom's seeks to identify tuition collection issues early, communicate with families via phone, email and letters and work with families in a fair and equitable manner to collect tuition.

St. Dom's seeks to identify tuition collection issues early, communicate with families via phone, email and letters and work with families in a fair and equitable manner to collect tuition.

St. Dom's has established the following sanctions for delinquent tuition accounts:


Prior to the beginning of classes:

• Late as of Aug. 5: student is not permitted to attend classes.


After the beginning of the school year:

• 30 days late: phone call and letter from the business office.

• 45 days late: letter sent to family regarding delinquency

• 60 days late: student is not permitted to participate in extra-curricular activities and interscholastic athletics and will not be permitted to sit for first semester exams.


Additionally after the beginning of the second semester:

• 90 days late: students not permitted to attend classes.

• After April 30: student not permitted to sit for final exams


Withdrawal Policy

Students must follow procedures set by the Guidance and Business offices regarding withdrawal from a class or the school. Academic records will be sent when procedures and obligations have been met. 


Tuition Cancellation Policy

The cancellation of tuition after the first two weeks of classes is at the discretion of Saint Dominic Academy and the School Superintendent at Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland.


Criteria for Excusing Tuition


       · SDA will excuse the balance of tuition for the months following the dismissal or suspension of a student for academic or disciplinary reasons.

       · SDA may excuse tuition for medically necessary withdrawals due to illness or injury, death of the student or death of the parent or guardian.

       · SDA may excuse tuition for an involuntary job loss or relocation of the parent or guardian who is financially responsible for paying tuition.


Generally, Not Excused

        · Voluntary withdrawal by the family does not warrant excusing the tuition, as costs have been incurred for the school year in the hiring of faculty and other program expenses.

        · Withdrawals due to the use of controlled substances, alcohol abuse, or intentional self-injury do not warrant excusing the tuition.



A letter, with supporting documents, requesting to forego tuition should be submitted to the Director of Finance and Operations.


What is Canceled?

When canceling tuition is warranted, SDA will forego the balance of tuition for the months following the withdrawal month.

Exceptions to the above tuition policy are made at the sole discretion of the President.