Parents in Partnership

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Our Parents in Partnership program gives you a wide range of opportunities to ensure that your child - and all the students of St. Dom’s - enjoy an excellent educational experience imbued with the highest standards of Catholic teaching and tradition. Our teachers and students do their best everyday to teach and learn and they need your help to fund their efforts. Saint Dominic Academy will only be successful because parents just like you give their time, talent and treasure each year to help provide resources that lead to a solid academic education for all its students.
We are making every effort to keep tuition costs as low as possible. However, tuition alone does not cover the actual cost of providing a quality education to our students. Through significant fund-raising and development activities we are able to supplement tuition revenue to meet the true costs of education.


The Parents in Partnership program is designed to raise thousands of dollars that allow us to keep tuition increases to a minimum. As our costs rise, however, so does our need to increase this effort. When you become a Parent in Partnership you directly contribute to the success of these fundraising activities which are critical to the financial stability of Saint Dominic Academy.
Please, volunteer your time for at least one of our major fundraising activities. Your time is as valuable and as necessary as your tuition payments in ensuring your child’s success and the success of our school. We strongly encourage you to take an active role in your children's education and join Parents in Partnership today.
Thank you for supporting your children and this school. Your participation, and that of other parents like you, is vital to the success of our school and our students.
Donald Fournier