What is the boy / girl ratio at Saint Dominic Academy?

The boy to girl ratio is 1 to 1

What is the teacher to student ratio?

      The teacher to student ratio is 1 to 12

What percentage of Saint Dominic Academy graduates attend college each year?

Over 95% of Saint Dominic Academy graduates attend a post-secondary educational institution each year. Others choose to enter military service or the work force.

Do your students score well on national standardized tests?

Yes! Saint Dominic Academy students score significantly higher than the state and national average on such tests as the PSAT and SAT exams.

Does Saint Dominic Academy admit non-Catholic students?

Yes. Saint Dominic Academy welcomes students of all faiths. We respect each student’s freedom to believe in the religion of their choosing. Many religious beliefs and practices are universal and not specifically Catholic, so students with no particular faith background or church affiliation can be challenged to reflect on and to deepen their own personal religious values.

Are religion courses required of all students?

Yes. Regardless of religious affiliation, all students at Saint Dominic Academy are required to pass accredited religion courses. Religion, like all courses at St. Dom’s, is an academic course. In particular, religion classes teach us to treat ourselves and others with dignity and respect. More information about the religion courses taught at St. Dom’s may be viewed on our website.

Is there a Dress Code at Saint Dominic Academy?

Yes. Our entire dress code may be accessed at the following link: Dress Code

How is discipline maintained at Saint Dominic Academy?

Students are kept busy with purposeful activities. The Dean of Student Affairs is responsible for coordinating and enforcing the general discipline of the school. Further, every member of the administration, faculty and staff has the authority and duty to maintain discipline around the school, in the classroom, corridors, locker rooms and cafeteria. The Student Handbook outlines for students and their parents the policies of the school. This handbook is updated and distributed yearly.