Virtual High School

Imagine classrooms without walls, where students are able to attend their classes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Imagine students working cooperatively online with others from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and geographic locations.

What you are beginning to imagine is the reality of the Virtual High School (VHS), a non-profit organization that offers content-rich, credit bearing high school courses to students across the country and around the world. Starting in the fall of 2007, Saint Dominic Academy has added online classes to our curriculum to become a Virtual High School.

Virtual High School offers a catalog of full semester courses in the Arts, Foreign Language, Language Arts, Life Skills, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology and Advanced Placement Study to students in VHS member schools. Core courses are NCAA accredited.

Why St. Dom’s Virtual High School Classes?  All VHS classes are teacher facilitated. Class sizes are limited to 25, and there is an emphasis on interaction between teachers and students. Activities are student centered and discussion and group activities are a part of each VHS course.

Virtual High School classes take place entirely over the Internet. There is no need for special software or hardware. Anywhere you have access to the Internet you can take a VHS class! Students can post work to their class anytime, day or night.

VHS classes are offered in a scheduled asynchronous mode. That means that classes follow a semester schedule and assignments are due at specified weekly intervals. However, students can complete their work at anytime during the week, as long as work is posted by specified due dates.

All VHS courses are monitored regularly, and adhere to the National Education Associations (NEA) recommended course guidelines for high quality online courses.

The St. Dom’s VHS site supervisor monitors and supports students work. Virtual courses appear one the report card and factor into the quarterly calculation for honor roll. 


AP® Courses

- AP® Art History

- AP® Computer Science A

- AP® Economics: Micro and


- AP® Environmental Science

- AP® French Language

- AP® Physics B

- AP® Physics C

- AP® Psychology

- AP® Spanish Language/Spanish


- AP® Statistics



- American Popular Music

- AP® Art History

- Art and the Internet

- Art History: Renaissance to


- Caribbean Art History

- Creating Art History

- History and Pop Music

- History of Photography

- Music Composition and Arranging

- Music Composition: Western

Tonal Harmony

- Music Listening and Critique*



- Business and Personal Law

- Entrepreneurship: Starting Your

Own Business

- Entrepreneurs: Business

Owners of the 3rd Millennium

- International Business: An


- Introduction to Statistics*

- Investing in the Stock Market

- Learning to Invest in the Stock


- Marketing and the Internet

- Personal Finance

- Statistics and Business Quality



Foreign Language

- AP® French Language

- AP® Spanish Language/Spanish


- Basic Mandarin: Chinese

Language and Culture

- Latin 1

- Portuguese 1

- Spanish Culture and 20th Century Hispanic Lit.

- Writing in Spanish


Language Arts

- 101 Ways to Write a Short Story

- AP® English Language and Composition


- AP® English Literature

and Composition

- Around the World in 80 Days

- Contemporary Irish Literature

- Creative Writing for People Who Mean It

- Cultural Identity through


- Folklore and Literature of Myth,

Magic, and Ritual

- Ghoulies, Ghosties, and Long

Legged Beasties

- Hearts of Darkness: Meeting

Ourselves in Literature

- Heroes

- Horror, Mystery and Science Fiction Literature

- Literacy Skills for the 21st


- Mythology: Stories from Around the World*

- Poetry Writing

- Poetry: Contemporary American Poets

- Reading and Writing the

Science Fiction Short Story

- Screenwriting Fundamentals

- Shakespeare in Films

- To Kill a Mockingbird

- Writing and Telecommunications



- AP® Statistics

- Calculus for Business

- Introduction to Statistics

- Mathematical Reasoning and


- Mathematics of Electricity

- Number Theory

- Statistics and Business Quality




- Animal Behavior and Zoology

- Advanced Topics in Chemistry

- AP® Environmental Science

- AP® Physics B

- AP® Physics C

- Astronomy Basics

- Astronomy: Stars and the


- Bioethics Symposium

- Biotechnology

- Chemistry II: Chemicals of


- DNA Technology

- Environmental Chemistry

- Environmental Science-The

World around Us

- Epidemics: Ecology or Evolution

- Forensic Science

- Genes and Disease

- Integrated Mechanical Physics

- Meteorology: A Study of

Atmospheric Interactions

- Nuclear Physics: Science,

Technology & Society


- Oceanography: A Virtual

Semester at Sea

- Pre-veterinary Medicine


Social Studies

- American Foreign Policy

- American Multiculturalism

- AP® Economics: Micro and


- AP® Psychology

- Community Service-Learning

- Constitutional Law

- Criminology

- Current Issues in American

Law and Justice

- Democracy in America?

- Eastern and Western Thought

- Film and Literature: The

European - Experience

- Gods of CNN: The Power of Modern Media

- IB Economics

- IB Information Technology in a Global Society

- Lewis and Clark’s Expedition

- Peacemaking

- Pearl Harbor to the Atomic


- Philosophy 1

- Psychology 1



- Sports and American Society

- The Glory of Ancient Rome

- The Golden Age of Classical Greece

- The Holocaust

- The Vietnam War

- Western Cultural Humanities

- World Conflict, a United Nations Introduction

- World Religions


Technology/Tech Ed.

- Advanced Web Design

- Animation and Effects: Flash

MX Basics

- AP® Computer Science A


- Computational Science and

Engineering Using Java

- Desktop Publishing: In an

Information Age

- Engineering Principles

- IB Information Technology in a Global Society

- Introduction to Computer


- Programming in Visual Basic

- Technology and Multimedia*

- Web Design and Internet


- Web Design: Artistry and