General Information


Course Levels

  • CP - College Preparatory
  • H - Honors
  • HH - Double Honors
  • AP - Advanced Placement

Graduation Requirements

Twenty-four high school credits are needed for High School graduation. The minimum requirements for graduation from Saint Dominic Academy are as follows:

Religious Studies

4 credits


4 credits

Social Studies

3 credits (US History required)


3 credits


3 credits (Class of 2016)

Modern Languages

2 credits

Fine Arts

1 credit

Physical Education

1 credit


1/2 credit


2 1/2 credits




24 credits


Weighted Grade Point System (GPA)

Numerical Grade Letter Grade AP/Double Honors Honors College Preparatory (CP)
98-100 A+ 5.0 4.6 4.3
95-97 A 4.7 4.3 4.0
93-94 A- 4.4 4.0 3.7
90-92 B+ 4.0 3.6 3.3
87-89 B 3.7 3.3 3.0
85-86 B- 3.4 3.0 2.7
82-84 C+ 3.0 2.6 2.3
79-81 C 2.7 2.3 2.0
77-78 C- 2.4 2.0 1.7
75-76 D+ 2.0 1.6 1.3
72-74 D 1.7 1.3 1.0
70 and above Pass      
69-below F 0.0 0.0 0.0


Honor Roll 

Principal's List 4.25
First Honors 3.80
Second Honors 3.25
Honorable Mention 3.0


When students are selecting courses, they should calculate and consider the approximate number of hours of homework they will have for each of their courses. 

COLLEGE PREPARATORY 30 minutes of preparation for the next class meeting
HONOR COURSES 45 minutes of preparation for the next class meeting
ADVANCED PLACEMENT COURSES 60 minutes of preparation for the next class meeting


Incomplete Grades

Students who have an incomplete grade after a marking period have either two weeks from the end of the marking period or two weeks from the time they enter school after an illness to complete the necessary work. Teachers will assist students with an incomplete grade, making arrangements to take the required examinations and complete the assignments. Failure to attend to this serious matter will result in a failing grade for the marking period.


Schedule Changes

Schedule changes must be approved by the teacher, Student Services, and Principal.

  • Students must carry at least six credits each semester. They may select two studies per semester.
  • If there is a need to alter a student’s schedule, the student must first seek advice and counsel from the teacher of the course from which s/he wishes to withdraw. After raising the issue with the teacher, the student must meet with the Guidance Director to request a schedule change form. Schedule changes will not be made based solely on a student’s preference for a particular teacher. If the counselor recommends a schedule change, the student will be given a form outlining the changes. The student is required to receive the teacher's and parents' signatures for approval. Once the completed form is returned to the Guidance Director, the changes will be processed.


Summer School

Summer school is required for all students who fail a course during the school year. It is highly recommended for students who maintain a "D". If students pass summer school, they will receive credit for the course they failed. Their final grade for the class will be changed from an "F" to a "D". Their transcript will indicate that the course was passed in summer school.

Students are only permitted to make up two courses in summer school. Students who fail three or more courses will not be promoted to the next grade. Such a record of failure ordinarily indicates the need for another educational setting.

Students may apply to the Principal or President for permission to take an enrichment course during the summer. An enrichment course may substitute for a full year course. The enrichment course must include 175 hours of course work. Upon completion of the course, students may be subject to an examination administered by the high school to receive credit for the course.

While Student Services is eager to assist students, it is the sole responsibility of the student to make arrangements to take summer school courses.


Course Selection Information

Students and parents are asked to attend to the following guidelines and instructions:

1. In order to graduate, a student must pass the following required courses:

• English - English I, English II, English III and English IV

• Religion - Religion I, Religion II, Religion III and Religion IV

• Mathematics - Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II

• Science (Laboratory) - Biology, plus 2.5 additional science courses

• Social Studies - Geography, World History and United States History

• French - French I and French II or Spanish I and Spanish II

• Health - .5 credit (1 semester)

• Fine Arts – One credit

• Physical Education – 1 credit

• Electives - 2.5 credits 

Total Credits: 24 Credit Hours


2. Students should consult their parents and/or Student Services, department heads, teachers and the principal before selecting one course from each time period (1-8).

3. The pre-registration fee of $125 must be paid in order to process course selections.

4. Please make careful note of the designation of the various classes. Most course offerings are College Preparatory level. These courses have a notable level of difficulty. A student with six courses at this level should be prepared to spend an average of three hours each evening preparing for the next class meetings.

Courses designated as "Honors" require a increased level of commitment. Enrollment in an honors class requires a B average in the preceding course or permission of Student Services. Also, students and their parents must be aware that an Honors course will make serious demands on a student’s time and talents. Only highly motivated students should seek admittance to Honors courses.

Advanced Placement (AP) and Double Honors (HH) courses require the utmost level of commitment. The work required of a student in an AP/HH course is quite similar to that which will be required of a first year college student in a selective college/university. Enrollment in an AP or HH course requires a B average in the preceding honors course or permission of the Guidance Department.

Students should always remember that experienced, talented and caring teachers are prepared and willing to guide students through difficult courses if the teacher's effort and interest in the student is matched by student effort and interest in the course.

Courses that are offered are subject to enrollment.

5. Selection of courses should be based on the acquisition of knowledge and the place the course has in the student's overall academic plan. Do not select courses based on a friend's choice. Students should make their own choices in collaboration with those whose advice they value.

6. Grade point average (GPA) and rank in class are only determined for students who are carrying a full-time course load of six courses.

7. No alterations will be made to a student’s schedule without a conference with parents, student, Student Services and involved faculty.